Thursday 5 December 2013

Ten Commandments for General Practice

  1. Have humility. You don't know everything (and neither does anyone else, including the eminent Doctors in white coats from your local "Centre of Excellence"). 
  2. Listen rather than speak and use the power of silence. It's amazing what patients or colleagues will say when there is a silent pause and you will gain insight. 
  3. Respect yourself and then others may respect you. If you act like a doormat do not be surprised if others wipe their feet on you.
  4. In a busy professional life delegate appropriately and support those to whom you delegate. Remember you are the best trained and most adaptable member of the team but also the most expensive. Put your effort where it adds value - for you, your patients and your team.
  5. Try to learn something new each day.
  6. Remember you are running a business. You have to balance the books. People's incomes depend on you.
  7. You and your team are a limited resource. If you waste resources you deny patients. You cannot do everything for everybody.
  8. Prioritise patients with the greatest healthcare needs, lest resources be diverted from them.
  9. Remember your patients' and colleagues' problems are their problems and you can help them but you cannot take their problems onto yourself: you have enough of your own to deal with and it would unfair on you, your family and those who love you.
  10. You cannot change the world but you can change bits of it. Change is made by those who refuse to accept the status quo. Keep nudging and eventually change will result.
developed from +James Kennedy's original.

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