Thursday 5 December 2013

Online mutual mentorship for GPs - the how-to

Draft working document. Please suggest revisions in comments

How we intend to operate our group


  1. Join Google Plus
  2. "Follow" one of the members of the Community
    This will make it easier for them to send you an invitation
  3. Accept your invitation to the Community
  4. Bring up the list of members of the Community
  5. Find the member with the impersonal name and the following icon:

    This is the Page which all group members should be able to use if they would like anonymity
  6. "Follow" this character.
    This will make it easier for one of the other group members to make you a "manager" of that Page
  7. Accept your invitation to become a "manager" of the anonymous Page
    This step is vital, as it will enable you to act as that Page to post anonymously.

       If you do not receive this notification, simply visit the anonymous Page, look for the "You've been invited to manage this page" bar and click on the "Accept" button:
  8. Unfollow the anonymous Page
    (as there does not need to be a public record of who is in our group)


  1. Confidentiality
  2. Respect
  3. No personal medical advice

Joining the discussion ("supervising")

If you find a see a post relating to a case, join the discussion! At least during the early part of the discussion, it may be best to stick to questions for the narrator to contemplate rather than suggesting solutions.
If you want to start a new discussion, feel free! Hopefully this group will be informal and friendly and not have to rely too much on rules.

Posting a case ("narrating")

If there is a scenario you would like the group to consider, please post using the anonymous shared Page (at least at first - feel free to identify yourself in free text should you wish). To start using Google Plus as this Page:
  1. Click on your icon in the very top right of your browser window
  2. Click on the name of the anonymous Page in the list that appears
  3. A new tab will open showing the profile of the anonymous Page
  4. In this new tab, navigate back to the Community
  5. Now you should be ready to post under the cloak of [relative] anonymity!
  6. Please do not use this page to post outside our Community
Instructions for posting
  1. Type a very brief title in the "Share what's new ..." box. Something like "depression dilemma"
  2. Click "Share"
  3. Once this brief message has been posted, select it and click in the "Add a comment..." box. Now you can provide a full description of the case and the issues it raises for you
  4. Be ready to respond to comments!
  5. Remember to use the anonymous Page when you reply to any comments if anonymity is important for you.
This mechanism is to make sure that anyone sitting next to you when you open Google Plus does not see the details of the scenario unless you click on it, which presumably (please!) you will only do when not overlooked.

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