Saturday 18 November 2017

Notes from RCGP Council meeting 18 November 2017

Council Standing Orders

Concerned about a clause (15B) which allows motions to Council to be rejected simply because they are poorly-worded, I suggested the following alternative wording:
Suggestions for improvement or clarification may be fed back to the proposer, who may ask the Chief Executive to withdraw the motion at any time before the meeting.
Trustee matters

Noting the increasing profitability of RCGP Enterprises and Conferences Ltd, I received clarification that the profit of the RCGP annual conference in 2017 was almost half that of the conference in 2016.

As is routine, the minutes of the Trustee Board meeting quoted the membership retention rate, currently 94%. I asked the Chair of the Trustee Board in future regularly also to provide a breakdown of retention rates at different levels of seniority, including of trainees (Associate in Training - AiTs).

The wider team in General Practice

I advised that for each role in General Practice:

  • core competencies should be defined and kept under review
  • there should be a regulatory process (currently only voluntary for Physician Associates, for example)
RCGP CPD Strategy

Responding to the RCGP draft CPD strategy, I received clarification that RCGP's publishing house, RCGP Books, is no longer active.

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