Sunday 28 June 2015

CQC response to call for emergency measures

At least the quango that is the +Care Quality Commission has sufficient insight to be "disappointed" after the democratically accountable +Royal College of General Practitioners and +The BMA call for emergency measures (RCGP, BMA).

That insight seems so far to be rather limited. After visiting 1,100 practices, it is quite extra-ordinary that CQC thinks its approach would not be burdensome for a "well-managed" practice.

I trust Steve Field will now lead them through serious and soul-searching reflection.

It is time for our regulators to question the effectivenes of their apparently hostile stance and encouragement of burdensome bureaucracy and to ask themselves how they were allowed to get so carried away.

Colluding to collapse General Practice just might not be the best way to reduce variation in quality!

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