Friday 27 February 2015

Notes from RCGP Council meeting 27 February 2015

Put Patients First

I congratulated College officers and staff on the success of the Put Patients First campaign in attracting new funding to General Practice [albeit non-recurring]. As College works more collaboratively with government to attempt to address the workforce crisis, I expressed relief that an intention to highlight the challenges currently faced by General Practice also remains part of College strategy.

Practice-based pharmacists

I welcomed the announcement that the provision of practice-based pharmacists is to be supported. I observed that, anecdotally, many GP colleagues have found the assistance of a pharmacist invaluable in medicines reconciliation, repeat prescription monitoring, medication reviews and audit.

Health inequalities

I applauded a comprehensive paper on health inequalities and the role of General Practice in reducing them. I was particularly pleased about the way in which members and faculties were consulted and their views (including mine) incorporated.
I noted that the NHS GP contract has until now helped to minimise inequalities in healthcare provision, requiring us to meet the reasonable needs of our patients rather than all their wants. This is now under threat thanks to the culture of consumerism, intolerance of risk and complaints and awareness campaigns.

With apologies for the delay in publishing this report.

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